Dayna Blossom Therapy
Body, Mind, Relaxation, and Healing for Women

Praise for Dayna Blossom Therapy

I have been one of Dayna Blossom’s clients for nearly 20 years. She has been consistently reliable in scheduling and keeping her appointments and working in a timely yet relaxed fashion.

I have always appreciated her approach to massage. She creates a soothing and relaxing mood in her environment, which is always neat, clean and gently lit. Her very presence exudes calmness and well-being.

During the massage she plays soothing music and works with hot towels to help her clients relax – a wonderful technique that few massage therapists employ.

Her massage method is comprehensive and ordered, as she progressively tends to the whole body. She is excellent at detecting tense spots or areas that need therapeutic attention and skillfully works through them. Her hands are strong but she never inflicts pain by working or stretching the body beyond a healthful, healing point.

I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking massage therapy on a long-term or short-term basis.

- Pamela Harding

I welcome the opportunity to recommend Dayna Blossom as a licensed massage therapist.

I have been a client of Dayna’s for over 10 years and find her to be professional, polite, and extremely knowledgeable in her field. She has an innate sense of where your stress areas are located and knows the perfect way to release the tension so that I always feel like a new woman when I leave. Dayna is prompt, reliable and a pleasure to do business with.

I highly recommend her to anyone who needs these wonderful healing hands.

- Harriet Solo

I’m a playwright. I spend up to eight hours at a stretch bent over my computer, and boy does my body suffer! I had frequent muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders until I began weekly therapeutic massage therapy sessions with Dayna. She also saved me from carpel tunnel pain and progression by recognizing the symptoms early. I greatly look forward to the time I spend with Dayna. I relax and enjoy every moment while my body silently shouts: Thank you!

- Robin Rice Lichtig

I have had the privilege of knowing Dayna Blossom for nearly two decades and continue to be amazed at her skill and talent. She has helped me, not only with arthritis/fibromyalgia and piriformis syndrome, but also with personal challenges. I believe that my current state of good health (at nearly 70!) is due in some measure to my regular massage appointments with Dayna.

Dayna is a perceptive, intuitive “healer” who works on the body and the mind; she takes the time to get to know the “person” who lives in the body. She provides the “space” to reflect on one’s current physical/psychological state before each massage. There is no rushing into the massage.

Dayna’s knowledge of the body is apparent as she addresses the areas most in need of release. A massage with Dayna is not a robotic, generic exercise, but rather a personalized, attentive treatment. As a massage therapist, Dayna’s approach is truly unique and a session with Dayna just may be life altering.

- Dr. Carolyn Coudert Ph. D.

I’ve been receiving massage therapy sessions from Dayna for years and I always feel rejuvenated after each session. She knows and understands my body, working with what she finds, making each massage unique. A benefit of working with her is that working with The Alexander Technique she has helped me to understand my body – and to treat it with greater kindness and consideration. I recommend her to everyone.

- Liz Forst

I’m so pleased that I met Dayna Blossom. Through her curative hands she has brought back a sense of wellness and quality of life that I was afraid was slipping away from me.

I recently started getting massages from Dayna and have found that they greatly relieve the recently increasing tenseness and back pain I have been living with due to scoliosis. I was experiencing stiffness so severe that it got to the point where I could no longer stand and shop for very long without pain developing.

Now, through Dayna’s massage therapy, I’ve felt my entire body loosened up and I have returned to my normal active life.

The entire experience – the setting, the ambience, the soft music, enhances the massage experience, and even helps sooth away any mental stress I might walk in with. Thank you, Dayna.

- Kim Kasow